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Rhapsody2Ruckus v 1.0 beta

November 3rd, 2008 No comments

This is a simple application that can search the online music service Ruckus and download Ruckus tracks via a GUI interface instead of a web browser. It was created mainly for the IMPORT feature which attempts to traverse the previous Rhapsody playlists and re-download the DRM-ed files. The motivation behind this is that Berkeley decided to cancel the Rhapsody 20$ a year deal and instead use Ruckus. Ruckus seems to currently have less features and a somewhat smaller subset of selection of songs, but i’ve been able to recover a good 75% using just the import feature of my music library so I’m quite satisified. (Note I made back in 2005, but the last time I tried in 2007 it did seem to still work.)

Known problems:

  • Not all songs/albums/artists are downloaded: This is because of different naming conventions between rhapsody and ruckus. I’ve tried as best I can to determine the voodoo differences. Currently Ruckus seems to like to cutoff the ends of long Album names. i. e. “Space between Us – extended” becomes “Space between Us – …”. However there does not seem to be a standard number of characters that it cuts off at, so I can not programmically fix it.
  • Lack of other search features: I’m lazy. Ask me for source, I’d be glad to give it to you under certain conditions.


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