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VLC GOMTV SQLive URL extractor

October 25th, 2010 13 comments

Update 03/11 As far as I know GOMTV has started checking for VLC specific information, so the script probably won’t produce anything that works in VLC anymore. I don’t have time to write a Lua plugin for VLC, but that would be ideal to spoof as GOMPlayer.

Update 01/11/11: Updated user script to reflect Foo’s comment below. Code updated below.

Update 10/28/10: Fixed include of which webpages the greasemonkey script runs on. Before sometimes if the url did not match the one in the instructions it would not show the link.

I’ve have a lot of WIPs so I haven’t updated any of the content on this blog frequently. However, the hassle of watching GSL streams in P.S.T. have gotten to me, and at this point I’d rather sleep than watch Idra, Check, SlayersBoxer, Nada, Fruitdealer play Starcraft 2 live. The issue is that VODs are not free from GOMTV, and the pirated Youtube streams are a bit of a hassle to find. The massive viewers on restreamed livestreams easily reduces any computer and it’s network connection to dust.

One easy work around is to just watch the live streams from GomTV, since they are free even though the VODs are not. 720p HQ quality is offered at a premium, but SQLive is free and acceptable. However, since the hours are ridiculously harsh for people living on the West Coast of North America (3 a.m. to 6 a.m.) the best solution is to just record the live stream.

Luckily someone had figured out how to extract the SQLive stream link from the GOMTV pages with¬†detailed instructions on reddit. However, the instructions are not particularly clear, and it seems GOMTV decided to change some of the URLs slightly. Last night I managed to verify that these instructions work with some modification and it seemed fairly reasonable to right a greasemonkey script, since most likely I will be extracting these links several times per day. Since this is tedious, and partially because I’m lazy, I decided to write a greasemonkey script to do extract the link while suffering from minor insomnia last night.


  1. For GSL2, login and go to
  2. Link will show up in red next to “View Live” at the top of the page.

Greasyscript below: (or download vlcgomgreaser.user)

// ==UserScript==
// @name           VLCGOMGreaser
// @namespace
// @description    Get VLC link from GOMTV SQLive
// @include*/live/*
// ==/UserScript==
var script = findXPathNode("//div[@id=\"league_mainBody\"]/script");
var scriptcontent = script.innerHTML;
var start = scriptcontent.indexOf("goxUrl");
var start = scriptcontent.indexOf("http", start);
var url = scriptcontent.substring(start, scriptcontent.indexOf(";", start+1));
var url = url.replace(/strLevel=[^&]+/, "strLevel=SQTest");
var url = url.replace(/&title=[^;]+/, "");
var linkpage = get(url,"",showlink);
function showlink(client,info) {
	var contents = client.responseText;
	var start = contents.indexOf("LiveAddr=") + "LiveAddr=".length;
	var end = contents.indexOf(";\"/");
	var url = unescape(contents.substring(start,end));
	var insertion = findXPathNode("//*[@id=\"chmenu_title_container\"]");
	insertion.innerHTML += "<a href="\">"+url+"</a>";
function get(url, data, cb,info) {
	var client = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET",url,true);
	client.onreadystatechange = function () {
		if(client.readyState==4) {
function findXPathNode(xpath, start,doc)
	var result = (doc == null ? document : doc).evaluate(xpath,(start == null ? document : start), null, XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE ,null);
	return (result.snapshotLength &gt; 0 ? result.snapshotItem(0) : null);