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November 3rd, 2008 No comments

This program takes in images and outputs pdf files screen size. The idea was to use this program to annotate or comment on pages of books people have scanned in for studying purposes. This is a great way to organize and find information by scanning pages from chapters, so you don’t have to flip through a 100pg chapter to find one stinky formula or graph. It is advised one uses a desktop search utility or something to search through the text of pdf files. Personally, I have found MSN desktop search to be the best, not because I love Microsoft software, but simply because it allows you to index only one folder, and it doesn’t start indexing your whole darn hard drive right away. It also has plugins to search text in pdf files. If I have time, I’ll finish writing up my equivalent search utility which searchs html,doc,odc,and pdf files, including annotations, which isn’t that hard since ITEXT has now fixed a bug in reading annotations.


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