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November 3rd, 2008 No comments

This project/combine solves the classic IQ Testing Peg Game. Of course, what my code does, is show that your IQ doesn’t need to be that high to solve the darned puzzle. The method is simple. It uses a recursive algorithm to simply try out ALL, and i mean ALL, of the possibilities. Realizing that the dumb 15 peg puzzle is symmetrical and so forth could’ve saved a lot of possibilities with a Board comparison of some sort. But I figured that 15 pegs = 13 moves or something, with a max of 4 possible moves per empty peg. At most, even with mathematical combinations, the answer should be found quite quickly by my laptop of 1.6 Ghz Intel Mobile. So in the end, it did work out, quite quickly, probably because of the symmetry and such.

Donwload: Binary and Source

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